My Bit is 3D! About 3D Logic of My Own Invention.
my own new invention. dividing on zero. trigonometry on logic values. 3d bit.

Photos Of Angels.
More Photos Of Angels.
MaterDei on Video.
Cross of Jesus Christ in The Sky on Video.

Russian Home Page

Sergey Streltsov.
Poetry, prose and songs.

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Poetry in Russian.
Short epic poems in Russian.

Prose in Russian.
Publications in Russian literary magazines.
Works for children in Russian.
Prose in English.
Poetry in English.
My Poetry in French.
My Poetry in Italian.

About Father John Waddington-Feather And His Books On Amazon.

My Poetry.

The Confessions of a Christian. Book 1. 2008.

The Confessions of a Christian. Book 2. 2008.

The Confessions of a Christian. Book 3. 2008.

The Confessions of a Christian. Book 4. 2008.

The Confessions of a Christian. Book 5. 2008.

My Prose.

The Infantilist, short story 2005.

The Girl In Blue, short story, 2005.

Poetic Fantasy, short story, 2005.

Yester-times, mini-novel for children, 2006.

Suzy for the Russian Christmas, short story, 2009.




I declared all my copyrights public domain.
You are free to use it as you wish.
Even not making me know about it
and not sharing with me your income earned
on my works.
I refuse to accept any literary, academic
and all other honors and prizes as governmental
as private and ecclesiastic and social.
I refuse to accept honorable titles and sponsorship.
I refuse to accept any profit form publications
and other usage of my works.
I refuse beforehand for all my heirs
to have any earthly profit from my works.
Best way to publish books or ebooks
is to build collection of mine and Yours or Public Domain texts.
Public Domain texts You can find on "".
For example, USA Author Ferris Jones took in 2018
my book “The Confessions of A Christian. Book 1.”
and added his poetry to it. He called this mix book
“The Rise And Fall of Kingdoms”. Now it’s on Amazon.

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